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Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retriever comes in three main variations: Black, Yellow, and Chocolate. These active, water-friendly dogs make excellent sporting companions and well-mannered house dogs.

Their History

Like several other dogs named for places they didn't originate from, the Labrador did not originate in Labrador. This breed comes from Newfoundland and originally was known as the "Lesser" or "St John's" Newfoundland. It's not a surprise that the Labrador Retriever name stuck.

Before the 1900s, the yellow and chocolate Labs were considered undesirable and pups of those colours were often culled from the litters of the more desirable black. Later, the other colours became almost as popular as the black and the breed as a whole continues to enjoy being one of the most popular breeds of dog in North America.

Their Temperament

There are few dogs as loyal, obedient and friendly as the Labrador Retrievers. The Labs get along very well with not only their owners, but children, pets and other dogs as well. While they are powerful dogs outdoors, they are well-mannered inside, provided they get enough exercise. Colour has no bearing on temperament or intelligence. Genetic make-up of the parents plus training and handling, make the Lab the dog we all love - whatever the colour.

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